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Olympic weightlifting club

These sessions are for all levels of athlete who are looking to improve their technique in the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.  Each session is 1 hour long and the group will meet once a week for six weeks.

Gymnastic seminars

These 2 hour clinics focus on improving the athlete’s ability to perform various gymnastic movements commonly performed in CrossFit. There are beginner and advanced sessions based on the athlete’s current ability.

Competitor training

Anyone who is looking to compete from a local competition to a major CrossFit event will benefit from this class. Coach Greg shares his competition tactics and then gives the athletes an opportunity to put the new found techniques into action.

Endurance Club

These sessions focus on building the athlete’s cardio vascular endurance. Here you can expect a lot of exposure to machine work as well as running, jumping rope and swimming. You will learn how to perform all tasks with great efficency to improve your performance in each monostructural task.

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