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Our Story.
 our Mission.

We are focused on improving your life by making positive lifestyle changes.  We are dedicated to doing the common tasks uncommonly well.  We preach technique and proper movement patterns BEFORE intensity.   
From the day we opened our doors here a CrossFit Conation we imagined building a gym where all people from any fitness background feel welcomed and supported by our coaches and community.  We are focused on improving your life by making positive lifestyle changes.  We are dedicated to doing the common tasks uncommonly well.  We preach technique and proper movement patterns BEFORE intensity.  As our athletes become become stronger, fitter, healthier versions of themselves they also become ambassadors of our gym such that they will go out of their way to make the newer members feel comfortable and welcomed in our space as we collectively chase our goals.  Our logo is comprised of an archer and the sun.  The archer represents the ability to stay focused on one’s goals while the sun speaks for radiating positivity.  Our ethos is Passion, Integrity, and Persistence.  We truly care about our craft, we do things one way, the right way, and we continue our relentless pursuit of our dreams.

Our Owner


Greg Hotzoglou

Owner/Head Coach

Greg Hotzoglou is the proud owner and head coach of CrossFit Conation.  Before finding CrossFit in 2013 he was an avid runner and sports enthusiast.  Greg played Division II baseball in college and has run numerous 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathon races.  While he still enjoys running and playing hardball in the summer, Greg fell in love with CrossFit after his first workout.  
The grit and determination required to complete the workouts coupled with the community aspect drew him in.  Within months of working out at his first CrossFit gym the results of the program were undeniable.  He also noticed how the coaches were making real positive changes in the lives of his fellow members.  At that moment, Greg knew he found something special.
It wasn’t long before he pursued his own coaching career.  Having always had a passion for helping others he became a certified CrossFit coach and started coaching part-time in 2014.  From that point on he made it a point to align himself with world class coaches and programs in order to perfect his craft.  During this time he not only forged himself into a better athlete but he deepened his knowledge and experience as a coach and leader in the community.  Two years later he landed his first full time CrossFit coaching position and left behind his career in accounting.  On the first day of August in 2017, Greg’s dream of opening up his own affiliate came true.  CrossFit Conation’s doors were officially opened to the public.
In 3 short years Greg was able to expand his gym into what is now the best CrossFit facility on Long Island.  Furthermore, Greg is an absolute force to be reckoned with as a coach and leader.  Greg’s understanding of the movements, ability to communicate to various people in a multitude of ways, and his passion for showing others how to improve puts him into a class of which very few belong.

The Gym


CrossFit Conation is quite simply Long Island’s best destination for CrossFit.  If you are a CrossFit enthusiast on Long Island, you know that CrossFit Conation offers an experience like no other.  Some highlights include the following…

  • All of the every day equipment and lots of uncommon equipment including jerk blocks, farmers handles, yoke, reverse hyper, 6 GHD machines, sandbags, hex bars, paralette sets, etc
  • 11 dedicated squat racks
  • “Semifinal” inspired competition rig complete with “Speal”bars, Rings, and Ropes all placed to exactly meet CrossFit competition standards.
  • 6 lane competition grid expertly marked on the floor for handstand walks, walking lunges, shuttle runs, etc.  
  • 16 handstand push up walls with precisely painted measurements for wall walks and wall-facing handstand pushups. 
  • 24 individual pull up bars.  
  • Contiguous rubber flooring providing a cleaner facility as well as a flatter surface to lift.
  • Cold plunge area
  • Filtered water machine
  • Shower

First class free