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Come in and meet our team of world-class coaches.  We would love to learn about who you are and discuss your health and fitness goals.  Begin your journey with the support of our community of like-minded people on a lifelong quest to better ourselves in all facets of life.


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Welcome to a happier, healthier lifestyle!  You understand that every workout requires a different approach and you appreciate the importance of movement quality.  Our passionate coaches will show you how to apply the right amount of intensity while moving with great efficiency.

Our exciting and results driven programming offers daily opportunities to revolutionize who we are.

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  • Crossfit Conation will be your final stop on your fitness journey

    My experiences at Crossfit Conation have been nothing short of life changing. For the past twenty years, I have tried every workout in the fitness industry

    christina s
  • Mike B

    My wife and I started CrossFit 8 months ago, we didn’t realize our potential that was locked away inside us. With the awesome coaching staff (Greg & Kate) and support from the members at Conation we can now do handstand push-ups, chin-ups, olympic lift,...

  • Drop In Friendly!

    I have dropped into many boxes over the last few months and it has been great seeing all of the differences and similarities that the different boxes had t

    kay m
  • I love CrossFit Conation!

    CrossFit Conation is my home away from home. The community feels like family and the facility is second to none. All of the equipment is amazing and always

    amanda h

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